Recital of Italian songs

Isabelle Poulain Marc Fiorantino

Isabelle Poulain and tenor Marc Filograsso formed the duo "Amaranta" in 1996. Since then they have performed Italian and Neapolitan songs in concert and on the airwaves in France and abroad.

Their first CD was warmly received both by French and foreign critics and is devoted to songs by Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846-1916) from poems by Gabriele D'Annunzio In their second recording poetry by Musset, Hugo, Verlaine and other French writers, set to music by Tosti, sings of love through their verse.

Extraits musicaux

tosti mélodies italiennes
Tosti, Mélodies italiennes
Extrait : "Aprile"

tosti mélodies d'amour
Tosti, Mélodies d'amour
Extrait : "Si je ne t’aimais pas"