Récital de mélodies espagnoles

Isabelle Poulain Robert Catania

Isabelle Poulain and tenor Robert Catania invite you to travel with them on a musical journey to hear the sensuous and exciting rhythms of 19th and 20th century Spain and South America. The repertoire is inspired, accessible and, thanks to melisma, remarkably poignant.
Enjoy with them their interpretations of composers Turina, Mompou, Obradors, Gurridi, Granados, Guastavino and Falla Isabelle uses the piano keyboard to evoke the style of a guitar, and together they recreate the spirited and sensual atmosphere of Hispanic culture.

Extraits musicaux

J. Turina

Extrait : "El vito "

C. Guastavino

Extrait : "La rosa y el sauce "

Juillet 2006
« Festival des jeudis musicaux »